You should keep the air pressure levels in your tires between 32 and 35 pounds per square inch (PSI). We recommend checking the tire pressure on your Subaru once a month, especially during extreme seasons. If you'd rather have a professional inspect the tires on your Subaru Outback, you can schedule auto service at Prime Subaru Hyannis, serving Yarmouth. We'll double-check and fill up your tires in minutes to give you greater peace about future Hyannis trips.

Book Subaru Tire Maintenance Near Barnstable

Checking air pressure levels is not the only tire repair performed at Prime Subaru Hyannis. We also take care of alignments, rotations, and replacements. As the only part of your Subaru Forester that touches Massachusetts roads, your tires need to be in good shape. Confirming that they're inflated properly is a significant part of stability and traction. The preferred air pressure range is 32 to 35 PSI. If you overinflate the tires on your Subaru Impreza, you could sustain damage like a tire blowout or poor handling.

Remember to check your air pressure levels monthly, rotate the tires every six months, and schedule a replacement every three to five years. Sticking to these types of tire maintenance will make your Subaru Ascent more reliable. To book a tire appointment at Prime Subaru Hyannis, log into the virtual scheduling portal. Let us know when you'd like to come to Hyannis to check your air pressure levels. We can also schedule you for a tire rotation if it's been more than six months since your last one.

Come to Prime Subaru Hyannis for Tire Repairs

We don’t want you driving around Harwich with poorly-inflated tires. If you haven't checked your tire pressure in months, do it today at Prime Subaru Hyannis. Book an appointment online or call our Subaru sales department directly. We want to extend the life of your tires. Instead of postponing tire maintenance on your Subaru Legacy, get it taken care of at your Hyannis Subaru dealership. You'll always have more confidence when you know your tires are in great shape.

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